The name "DeLaMark" is associated not only with eco-products of excellent quality, but also with a lifestyle that is friendly to people and nature. Since part of our products are packaged in plastic containers, and the problem of environmental pollution with plastic waste is difficult to ignore, in 2019 the slogan of "DeLaMark" became "Overcome waste!" * After all, this is logical - products without aggressive chemical components should not harm the environment and nature, not only during its using, but after also.

An important component of this social initiative is the “Return Empty Packing” program, which started working in our official online store from October 2017 for Kyiv residents, and a year later – for all over Ukraine.

Why is it important?

Liquid means for washing, for washing dishes, for cleaning and cosmetics from "DeLaMark" are packaged in containers of low-pressure polyethylene, which is recyclable. We are confident that our regular customers make a choice in favor of more environmentally friendly products, but, probably, not everyone sorts waste to reduce their release to landfills. In order to stimulate our regular customers to do this and to simplify this action for them, we suggest returning empty packing from DeLaMark household chemicals to us.

A bit of history: first, we offered Kyiv citizens to return empty packaging from the DeLaMark means; subsequently, in October 2018, we agreed with Ukrposhta, and the opportunity to send us plastic containers appeared to all Ukrainians. But it was nice to know that some stores that sell DeLaMark products have become our unofficial partners and collect the packaging themselves in order to return it for recycling.

So, the opportunity to return used plastic packaging for recycling is now for everyone who lives in Ukraine. Use the “Return Empty Packing” program to:

  • contribute to environmental protection;
  • save the resources of the planet for your children and grandchildren;
  • support Ukrainian recycling plants;
  • get an additional discount on your order.

How it works?

Kyiv citizens can return the plastic packing to the courier upon receipt their order. To do this you should select the item "Recycling packaging" when placing an order on our website and specify the number of empty containers. For each empty container you will receive an additional discount of 5 UAH. You can also recycle used measuring spoons from laundry detergents and oxygen bleach.

Lviv and Odesa citizens has an opportunity to return empty bottles from DeLaMark TM  and  Royal Powder TM to our partners - Green Box, Zero Waste Lviv and eco-store Velena at the addresses:

  • Lviv, st. Zavodskaya, 31 (for more details, visit
  • Odessa, 16/18, Academic Glushko str.
  • Kharkiv
               - Ecohab on Podolsky - Per. Podolsky, 9
               - Ecohab on Vesnina - st. Vesnina, 16
               - Ecohab in Lubotin

Residents of other cities of Ukraine can use the program “Return Empty Packing” with the help of Ukrposhta, which joined this DeLaMark’s social project. Send empty plastic bottles with lids and measuring spoons from the funds of DeLaMark company from any Ukrposhta branch in Ukraine, save the bill and get a discount equal to the cost of sending empty containers to order in the company's online store

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To get the discount you need:

  • send empty packaging at any branch of Ukrposhta to the manufacturer: LLC “DeLaMark”, POB 104, Kyiv, 05300
  • indicate the cost of sending empty packaging in the comments to the order
  • send check photo (on request)
  • select the delivery of your order by Ukrposhta

ATTENTION! For those who sent packaging by UkrPoshta, a discount on the number of empty packaging is not valid.

Support our initiative to sort and reduce waste. Let's make our planet cleaner and save it for future generations!


* - learn about the other steps of this social initiative by clicking on the link [Overcome waste]

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