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Microplastics: "invisible" problem that touches everyone

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Zero Waste in Ukraine. How to start?

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Why does a man need shampoo? 3 application methods that are scarcely will be useful to his wife

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World trend for everything “green” - natural and ecological - has swept Ukraine. And if some people are looking for safe products in the first place in order to protect the health of their family, others look further and choose products in such a way that they produce as little waste as possible. For example, plastic packaging is avoided and packing are handed over for recycling. Or they do without packaging, buying goods in their bag or other packing.

Problem of pollution concerns not to only our country, it is theme to talk about it in all over the world. The only chance not to allow garbage to overrun the planet is to prevent its formation and safe processing. Therefore, Zero Waste life philosophy (“zero waste”) or more realistic cocept — Low Waste (waste reduction) is becoming increasingly popular.

Last concept is very close to the philosophy of our Company. And in 2019, we decided that "DeLaMark" company will work under the slogan "Overcome waste!" This is very natural when biodegradable products, which does not harm the environment during its using, are safe during production and after using. Reducing the amount of waste from the production and use of DeLaMark ecological means became our social initiative. We do it ourselves and want to help you with this.

Three steps to reduce waste from DeLaMark products

Each product has at least three main stages of its life cycle:

  • ● production
  • ● application
  • ● recycling

"De La Mark" Products are developed in such way which helps to create a minimum load on the environment during the production process. This is confirmed by the international ecological certification according to ISO 14024, which guarantees that certified products complies with rather strict ecological criterias:

  1. 1. The absence of phosphates, EDTA (Trilon B), non-biodegradable SAS’s and other doubtful components.
  2. 2. The introduction of energy-saving technologies, water treatment, the possibility of reuse of waste and their sorting.
  3. 3. Non-toxic finished products.
  4. 4. The absence of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other non-recyclable materials in the packaging.
  5. 5. Optimal logistic routes to reduce the transport trace.
  6. 6. Availability of information on packaging and eco-labeling, which does not misinforms customers.

We are proud that in 2014, first in Ukraine among the manufacturers of household chemicals were certified for these requirements, and legally call our products ecofriendly. And if we are sure that when applied, DeLaMark products does not harms the environment and costumers, then recycling of packaging is at the discretion of our customers.

Most of people will agree that cardboard packaging is not difficult to hand over to waste paper or to give it to the person who delivers these recyclable materials. At least it is biodegradable waste. But plastic bottles under DeLaMark  liquid means are more likely to fall into the landfill or even into the ocean, and will pollute the environment for hundreds of years if you do not take care of their return to recycling.

Until now, not every city has separate sorting dumpster. And not everyone wants to spend time in order to take plastic recyclables to the receiving point. Therefore, in 2017, “Return Empty Container” program was launched, first for Kiev residents, and since October 2018 - for all Ukraine residents. Empty containers can be sent to us for recycling by UkrPochta and receive a discount that compensates your costs. So, now at all three stages of the existence of "DeLaMark" products you can be sure that the amount of waste from it is minimal.

Towards Zero Waste

In Europe, there are corners similar to the Garden of Eden. And in some countries garbage has ended, therefore for their waste recycling plants they purchase valuable recyclable materials from their neighbors. So, we have something to strive for. Therefore, until our country has become a flowering garden and landfills have not disappeared, "DeLaMark" Company does not plan to stop. We are expanding our eco-initiative to overcome waste.

To prevent and reduce waste in 2019, we introduced:

  • ● replacement of plastic club cards with virtual ones
  • ● instead of paper bags in which we delivered your orders (they also have a large ecologic, although they are biodegradable), we use reusable bags sewn from old advertising banners
  • ● office waste sorting

This year we also planned to reduce using of consumables and resources in production and provide the opportunity to buy our products in bulks, in the buyer's containers.

We realize that recycling plastic waste is an extreme measure that also requires resources, and recycled plastic products will also become waste sometime, so we are looking for an opportunity to replace plastic packaging with biodegradable cardboard.

If you feel that we are with you on the way to the goal of Zero Waste, join us! So you can make contribution to the protection of environment and use safe means with low eco trace.

And we will be grateful for your ideas and advices to overcome waste together.

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The history of the company year after year
  • 2008
  • 2009
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2018
  • 2019
Birth of Company
Our company got its start back in the distant 2008 from import of laundry detergents from Japan. Why from there? Well, because Japan is the first country that banned the use of household chemicals containing phosphates, making it a mother of safe household chemicals movement worldwide. Throughout almost a year we were not only importing the products many Ukrainian customers were still unfamiliar with, but also have initiated an easy-to-buy system for phosphate-free laundry detergents by distributing them through retail chains.The national retail chain Epicenter was the first o to sell the safe household chemicals.
The Origin of Royal Powder
Early in 2009 a hard and even wild decision was made to get the production of safe household chemicals going in Ukraine! For this purpose we involved the best technologists from every corner of the globe to get their support in such a challenging and reckless project. It was essential for us to make sure customers would receive laundry detergents as safe and free of compounds aggressive to humans and nature, as extremely powerful to effectively tackle household chores. Therefore, only those professionals with successful experience proven by similar products development made our team of technologists.In a matter of six months they succeeded in developing a formula of the exact products we wanted to have. ROYAL POWDER! This was the name we had given to it. By the end of 2009 we launched our own production line to produce our first laundry detergent by signing direct supply contracts with leading global manufacturers of components for the production of household chemicals.
Brand Rollout
Although the name of De La Mark, LLC sprang in 2008, the brand was brought to real life only by 2010. In these two years Royal Powder, the concentrated multi-purpose laundry detergent, was increasingly sought after by customers, who value phosphate-free laundry detergents. It was a powerful stimulus for us to expand our line by introducing Royal Powder Baby, the laundry detergent made specifically for baby clothes, and Royal Powder White – for white clothes.
Product Line Extension
In 2011 a lot of loyal customers already associated the name of young company De La Mark with safe and quality laundry. To satisfy the needs of demanding cleanliness enthusiasts, we expanded our product line. Consumers became able to obtain the smoothness results in laundering colored clothes with Royal Powder Color, make your black clothes stay black longer with Royal Powder Black, protect silk and wool clothes from getting ruined with using Royal Powder Delicate, and have the items with thick fabrics, or heavily soiled, to be properly washed with Royal Powder Professional.
Besides, in 2011 the production of groundbreaking dishwashing liquid with essential oils was launched.
Total changes in formulation, and first awards
There was a time when producers of laundry detergents used zeolites aren’t deprived of their shortcomings. But over time it turned out that zeolites have their dark side either: zeolites by being quite safe to human health, may, on the contrary, clog drainpipes, as they do not dissolve in water. For this reason, European laundry detergent producers one-by-one refuse from using zeolites. In 2012 De La Mark came to decision to follow this path as well, and changed the laundry detergent formulation completely. Instead, in production of Royal Powder laundry detergent we moved over to water-soluble and environmentally friendly silicates and carbonates as water softeners.

Whilst being confident in the products high quality, in 2012 De La Mark participated in the National Competition “100 Best Products of Ukraine”, where Royal Powder, the concentrated laundry detergent, became a winner.
Product Line Extension … Again
As liquid laundry detergents were growing in popularity worldwide, in 2013 De La Mark kept pace with this tendency and introduced concentrated phosphate-free liquid laundry detergents.

A scent of freshly laundered linens is indeed of particular importance for many. In 2013 loyal consumers of De La Mark laundry detergents had a chance to delight in scent of fabric softeners (floral with woody notes, floral and fruity with notes of amber, floral-green), formulated to keep clothes exceptionally soft and static-free.
We keep on growing, proving the environmental sustainability of products
The products of DeLaMark were originally designed so as to be safe for humans and nature. In 2014 the company decided to get this fact officially confirmed. In the same year the manufacturing was certified according to ISO 14024 guaranteeing its environmental sustainability. As a result, De La Mark was the first company among all Ukrainian manufacturers of household chemicals to obtain the international environmental certificate, the "Living Planet".

In 2014 we introduced Royal Powder E-Shop, where customers could buy Royal Powder and DeLaMark products directly with no middlemen, and very often at moderate promotional prices.

The company kept on delighting its loyal customers by offering them safe household cleaning products. Their composition makes them suitable for kitchen, bathroom and toilet room, even for surfaces that come into contact with food (except aluminum).

That year the safe laundry detergent product line increased by manufacturing of 3 in 1 detergent that increases the effects of laundry detergent: stain remover, color run preventer and oxygen bleach.
Moving non-stop
In 2015 DeLaMark kept moving in the chosen direction by launching the manufacturing of glycerin laundry soap.

Those customers who prefer using a dishwasher could appreciate a new line of concentrated phosphate-free dishwasher detergents from DeLaMark, namely a dishwasher powder, salt and rinse aid for dishwashers.

New goals lie ahead. Stay with us to keep your home cleanliness safe!

Are some sensitive technologies used in production of phosphate-free laundry detergents? So no. Safe household chemicals can be made even in our country. For this, we just have to break away from familiar stereotypes, when the producers using the cheapest ingredients want to make mountains of products and sell them to thoughtless customers at a higher price.

From the very start we made our mind that our customers are the ones who care. Those who look for the best, phosphate-free laundry detergents with optimum surfactants content. By 2020 all Ukrainian manufacturers of laundry detergents should renounce the use of phosphates in the products they produce. We did not wait for this day, and made up a team of technologists experienced in manufacturing of household chemicals to develop a Ukrainian phosphate-free laundry detergent with the same quality as popular foreign detergents.
Оther product innovations
In 2016 another product line of five skin cleansers was launched: liquid soap with a mild detergent composition and natural floral and fruity flavors.
There were also other fragrant novelties: the collection of fabric softeners increased from three to eight stunning flavors.

That year we also delighted those who waited for safe detergents for floors and windows cleaning, but at the same time expanded the product line with detergents for kitchen, bathroom and toilet bowl cleaning.

Easy-flowing and fast-acting liquid washing detergents became another invention for eco-washing from DeLaMark. These detergents allow you to wash on quick washing cycles without losing a minute. The product line of liquid detergents increased by the first Ukrainian washing detergent for membrane fabrics.
Even more environmentally friendly
We like to be progressive, and multi-functional detergents are the things of the future. Therefore, in 2017 De La Mark developed and launched into production powder laundry detergents with the effect of a premium fabric softener. Those who care about the softness of just laundered things like after a fabric softener and with no scent will definitely love these powder laundry detergents. The product line of powder laundry detergents with fabric softener effect contains a universal powder laundry detergent, as well as laundry powders for white, colored things and for babies’clothes.

That year the product line of dishwashing liquids was also expanded. It included liquids for dishwashing with silver ions and new natural flavors, such as cinnamon or orange. When a special dishwashing liquid for washing children's dishes, on the contrary, has no smell.
For several years DeLaMark team has been pursuing an idea of creating natural shampoos, and in 2017 we achieved this goal! From now on DeLaMark product catalog contains six non-sulfate shampoos for different types of hair, among which there is a baby shampoo and a professional shampoo.

When developing shampoos, we set the goal of obtaining non-aggressive agents from soft ingredients of plant origin that would take care of hair without overdrying it and not irritating the scalp. DeLaMark shampoos contain 98% of natural ingredients, including herbal extracts and cold-pressed oils: sandthorn, hemp, wheat germ and grape seed.

Also in 2017, we offered our eco-conscious consumers with tying products: paper products of recycled cellulose and without plastic packaging, eco-bags and durable stylish kitchen towels made of natural materials.

In 2017, De La Mark joined the world movement against postconsumer plastics and launched the Return Empty Containers project.
We don’t stop!
This year, our company has exteded its line of hair products. Now, after applying DeLaMark shampoo, you can continue the treatment with help of conditioners, balms or masks for different hair types from "DeLaMark". New products for hair care do not contain cationic SAS, their composition includes natural oils and herbal extracts, which have a positive effect on hair and skin.

The collection of liquid soaps from "DeLaMark" was also expanded - in 2018 three types of DeLaMarkTM eco-certified soap for intimate hygiene entered the market.

At the end of the year, we had another unusual novelty - ZanovoTM active foam for shoe care. This ecofriendly product allows you to remove deeply engrained dirt from the outside and inside surfaces of shoes and shoe plates of any materials, while spending minimum of water. So you can return the original appearance of shoes, but avoid its deformation due to excessive moisture.

Also an important development in 2018 was the cooperation with UkrPoshta, thanks to which the program "Return Empty Packaging", previously operating just in Kiev, spread throughout Ukraine. Now our customers from all over the country can make a contribution to a clean environment: return plastic packaging for recycling from DeLaMark liquid products and get a discount that compensates postage.
Making way towards further waste reduction
Ideas of sustainable development and Zero Waste concept are very close to DeLaMark Company. Therefore, through 2019, we want to introduce into our activities as many steps towards reducing waste as possible. For example, this year, instead of plastic club cards, we switched to virtual ones and started to deliver in reusable bags that are made of old advertising banners. In the near future - to provide the opportunity to buy our products without packaging, as well as to make the production facilities and the office more ecofriendly: to reduce resource consumption and start a separate collection of waste. Join us!

This year we have begun deliveries of our eco-products to Poland and are planning to expand the sales geography of DeLaMark to other countries. If earlier Polish phosphate-free powders and washing gels were popular in Ukraine, our task is to make Ukrainian ecofriendly household chemicals known in Poland, because they comply with European requirements and are certified according to ISO 14024.

We love the nature around us and appreciate the health of our neighbors. Therefore, we always offer only what we use ourselves. New goals lie ahead. Of course, the year 2019 will also join you with the novelties.

We support healthy initiatives and are ready to help those who really need it. By using DeLaMark products, you contribute with us to improving lives of others. Stay tuned to continue creating DeLaMark story together.

In our everyday activity we follow these 4 rules:

    • Honesty
      We believe that only an honest product, brand and business can be successful. Therefore, we, as an honest producer, are always ready for a heart-to-heart talk with every customer, supplier or partner
    • Responsibility
      We are responsible for every action, every product, and every arrangement. Therefore, we do not have the right to break a promise given to the customer, partner or supplier
    • Social involvement
      Our products and actions should create a better world, and make people happier. Only following this path, we can make life around us perfect
    • Continuous growth and development
      A company that does not develop ceases to exist. Therefore, we aren’t standing still – every day we work on improving recipes, developing new products, services and processes
We create the desired Ukraine together!

We are for production in Ukraine!

Our company, a Ukrainian manufacturer, has always tried to prove that our country can make and does make quality products. That is why we responded with optimism to the initiative of our friends to create a joint video material, which should confirm the fact that Ukrainians are able to create good and effective products in various spheres.Our company, a Ukrainian manufacturer, has always tried to prove that our country can and do quality products. That is why we responded with optimism to the initiative of our friends to create a joint video material, which should confirm the fact that Ukrainians are able to create good and effective products in various spheres.

The following entrepreneurs took part in the shooting:

  • Eugene Klopotenko - gastro workshop Confiture
  • Ivan Plachkov and Alla Plachkova - Family wineries "Colonist"
  • Oksana Lebedeva - Ethno Style Clothing “Varenyky Fashion”
  • Nazar Romanov and Olga Romanova – natural cold-pressed juices “Gradens of Prykarpattya"
  • Taras Lozhenko - Farm Handicraft Cheeses "Doobraya Ferma"
  • Anna Aleshko - Children's Furniture Bureau Little Home
  • Oleksiy Verenikin – manufacturer of non-phosphate household chemicals DeLaMark
  • Ekaterina Koval - Cozy household items and design studio Wannabe Decor
Awards of our company