Disappointment, resentment, anger ... And what do you feel when you slip a counterfeit? It's one thing when you yourself decided to purchase a "copy of the original," and another - when you use your trustfulness ... It turns out that there is another sphere in our life that has not yet been covered by the TV presenter known for the phrase "You're fooling!"

The problem is this: ecotourism is now in a trend, and not entirely honest producers of household chemicals want to play it. It's not that they would decide to sell you a counterfeit, they just give out what they are not for eco-products. And this is not surprising, because demand creates supply.

Realizing that our consumer society has taken from the planet more than it can give to one generation, we have reflected that we need to help nature. Of course, trying to bring your life in harmony with nature is a small chance to fix something and not destroy yourself. But do you have any proof that your purchases now do not harm the body and nature ?.

It turns out that it is possible to place on the packaging of the product a reference to the fact that it is environmentally friendly, organic, bio-soluble, friendly to nature, etc., etc., can only be passed through ecological or organic certification in special bodies. And if the manufacturer himself decided that his product is eco, then this is an unfounded and even illegal statement.


On the wave of popularity of all "green", which began in European countries much earlier than ours, it was necessary to somehow order the desire of producers to produce friendly to all living things. The countries of Europe have long prescribed standards, which should be consistent with environmentally friendly products.

The producers of household chemicals are faced with the difficult task of achieving efficiency, while maintaining safety. Regulations are regulated and strictly controlled raw materials, production, packaging and packaging, transportation and the effect of finished products on the consumer and the environment. Naturally, the introduction of such high requirements and certification require additional financial investments.

Those who have successfully coped with this are given the right to place eco-labels on their products. Then, conscious buyers will be able to choose products with improved characteristics.

In Ukraine, confirms the improved environmental characteristics of goods and services organization "Living Planet". To verify the authenticity and validity of the ecocertificate for the goods of a particular trademark, please visit the website of this organization www.ecolabel.org.ua


Some manufacturers are attracted by the ideas of green marketing, but they either do not want to bring their production and products in compliance with strict requirements of environmental standards, or they are not ready to afford financially.

But environmental certification of goods is voluntary. To start selling enough to ensure that household chemicals comply with government standards or technical conditions and received a sanitary and hygienic conclusion. At the same time, it can be lost among numerous competitors, and the company will need years to develop.

Therefore, some decide to attract attention, baselessly stating their environmental benefits. This phenomenon was called greenwashing ("green washing"). Is it legal? And honestly? The answer is obvious - no.

Perhaps someone is acting aggressively, trying to take advantage of the inexperience of consumers and have time to make money, while the state has not begun to restore order in this area (by the way, it has already begun!). Someone claims that his goods are about to receive an eco-certification. And someone naively believes that since he roughly copied the composition of eco-funds, then his products do not harm people and without any confirmation. At the same time, such producers ask for their products a price much higher than the mass market, which does not pretend to be environmentally friendly.

Whatever it was, greenwashing is always a fake! You can get lucky, and such funds will be of really good quality. But if the manufacturer is cunning in the allegations on the packaging of his products, can he be trusted otherwise?

It is with the goal of protecting the consumer from "cunning" producers and developing eco-standards. Their demands exceed the standards of the state. And standardization on them is voluntary. Do you want to be ahead of others? Meet high standards! Can not? Then develop and win the recognition of buyers in fair competition.


In European countries with developed economies, greenhorns are punished. Most of all European manufacturers are concerned about the reputation of "green" goods, which can suffer from "green washing": people quickly realize that they are manipulated, and eco-people can depreciate. It seems that in our country there are problems more serious than unfair competition of manufacturers of household chemicals. Maybe greenwashing in this area is not such a big evil?

In fact, people wash and wash dishes under any economic situation. The production of household chemicals is a large and rapidly developing niche of the Ukrainian economy. At the same time, the goods for washing and cleaning affect the health of people and the state of nature: it's time to think not about the immediate benefits, but about the prospects of our children.

Ukrainian law provides for fines of 5% of income for the previous year for the misuse of the inscriptions "eco", "bio", "natural", etc. And what can you do for yourself?

There are at least three important reasons to choose eco-certified products and not buy household chemicals, on the packaging or in advertising which declare its environmental friendliness, but there is no documentary evidence of this and eco-labeling.

  1. So you make your small contribution to improving the condition of water bodies, soils and air, because the safety of production of eco-certified products is confirmed by inspection organizations, and nobody knows how to produce their products.
  2. So you improve the economy of your country, because you support conscientious producers who work transparently and are interested in entering the international market. Greenwich has no prospects.
  3. So you develop a good European habit of sticking to the law and not supporting those who come up with excuses, why they can not work in the legal field. Even if it seems to somebody a trifle, our society forms from such trifles.

Therefore, when the next time you take a product from the shelf that has attracted you with its ecological compatibility, make sure that you are not deceived!

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