The strongest of natural - fiber from the stems of cannabis - can be washed very often. The more often they are erased, the softer they become. At the same time, their wear resistance does not decrease, because wet fibers from hemp are even stronger than dry ones. It would seem that for such a fairly coarse fiber does not need special washing rules. Nevertheless, with the wrong approach, they can be quickly destroyed. And we want them to please us for a long time. To understand how to care for things from cannabis, let's first figure out the structure of the fiber obtained from this plant.

Hemp thread is a bundle of long fibers that resemble thin capillaries. They are able to swell in water and absorb moisture. On the one hand, such a structure makes the fabric of hemp very hygroscopic. On the other hand, there is a danger to the fiber itself. During washing, along with water, solid insoluble particles from the detergent may enter the swollen fiber. When the tissue dries, the capillaries taper, and the solid particles trapped by them destroy the fiber structure from the inside.

Hence follows Rule # 1: Wash things from cannabis with detergents, in good solubility of which you are sure.

This means that not every detergent is suitable. Even if it is without phosphates. Precisely do not fit washing powders with zeolites, because zeolites do not dissolve in water. It is even better to use "liquid washing powders" - gels for washing. All components in them are already in solution, and therefore do not contain solid particles. Thus, for washing cannabis, you must choose the products intended for delicate tissues.

Eliminating the danger emanating from the detergent, we turn to the rule number 2: wash things from cannabis often, so that they are soft.

To quickly soften the new bedding from hemp, you need to wash it several times in a washing machine and even dry it in a tumble dryer. If desired, you can use a conditioner for laundry. Over time, use the product from cannabis will be more pleasant and pleasant, because it will become softer.

In order not to destroy the structure of hemp fibers, apply rule number 3: use a delicate washing program and mild detergents.

It is possible to wash, in principle, at any temperature. But the delicate washing program will not allow you to set the temperature too high. Therefore, use products that are effective at low temperatures. Thin, delicate items must first be placed in a laundry bag to further protect them from damage. If the product is painted, then in order to avoid loss of color, it must be washed in cold water. In the rinse cycle, you can add a glass of white vinegar to finally wash all traces of detergent.

If we are talking about clothes made from cannabis, rule No. 4 appears: manual washing is preferable to machine washing.

Although hemp fibers are very strong, machine wash and especially drying, lead to the fact that the structure of the tissue is destroyed, and it is weakened faster. Therefore, hand washing is preferable.

To wash the hemp by hand, use mild detergents based on natural ingredients. Make sure that these remedies are carefully rinsed. Poorly rinsed soap can lead to oxidation of the fiber that makes up natural fiber, and leave brown spots on the canvas. Therefore it is very important after washing to thoroughly rinse products from hemp in clean water.

If you're talking about spots, remember rule number 5: do not expose the hemp product to dry cleaning and bleach action.

Bleach, for example, based on chlorine, will not only weaken the fiber, but will also discolor it. And not the fact that evenly, so leave light spots on the fabric. If you need to remove the stain, treat it with a detergent on a natural basis (natural soap will also work) and dry the thing in the sun. Bright sunlight for a long time will help to naturally discolor the stain.

Curtains, bedspreads, draperies and other interior items are usually dry cleaned because of the risk of shrinkage. It does not apply to cannabis products. Just wash them as described above. They do not sit down or deform.

The next rule concerns drying of products from hemp fibers. Rule number 6: Dry in the fresh air.

First, you can dry the hemp several times in the dryer to soften the fabric. But that the thing has lived a long time, let it dry on the rope naturally. Moreover, hemp drying faster than most other tissues. In addition, this way of drying is more ecological.

Keep in mind that drying in the sun leads to burnout. If you want to whiten a thing, then the sun will help you. To avoid lightening things, avoid bright sun rays.

To give a clean and dry thing a beautiful look, use the rule number 7: iron slightly damp.

If you are confused by the cloth, washed up after washing, it can be smoothed with a hot iron (the "Flax" mode is suitable). It is best to iron cannabis when it is still slightly moist. Painted things from cannabis are ironed only from the wrong side.

When searching for suitable means for washing cannabis, one more thing needs to be considered. Clothing and bed linen from hemp is chosen primarily because of their naturalness and environmental friendliness. Therefore, similar requirements must be applied to detergents. Use household chemicals that have an international certificate of environmental safety.

We recommend the products of the Ukrainian company "De La Marc". With its trademark Royal Powder has long been familiar to many connoisseurs of eco-goods. And recently its safety was confirmed by the ecological certificate "Living planet". In the range of products DeLaMark there are suitable for washing the hemp means:

  • Besfosfatny laundry detergent Royal Powder Delicate
  • Besphosphate gel for washing Royal Powder Universal
  • Concentrated conditioner-rinses Royal Powder

They fully comply with the requirements for the means for washing cannabis:

  • do not contain insoluble components;
  • create a soft detergent solution;
  • well rinsed;
  • suitable for machine and hand washing;
  • effective at a temperature of 30 degrees;
  • biodegradable by 98%.
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