We are preparing to receive guests well. Especially need to prepare to meet the long-awaited baby. 
So, if you wait for a couple of months, or even less, start preparing a children's wardrobe to meet with their owner. Then, on days when there will be a lot of anxiety, you do not have to worry about washing things before the maternity home.

We understand that you have already received a lot of advice, even from those who did not ask for them. If you throw away all the superstitions and manifestations of fanaticism, then what should you do to be calm about the purity and hygiene of things that you take in the hospital and who will wait for the baby at home?

  1. You bought children's clothes, plus you gave what other children wore. The first thing to do is to learn the labels to know how to wash every little thing and avoid grief. Also sort out what things you just need to refresh and which ones to disinfect.
  2. Before you erase the things of the future baby, first run the machine idle or in the mode of removing the pile. This will reduce the likelihood that "adult" microorganisms will fall on children's things. You can add in this processing machine a bag of citric acid or a couple of spoons of oxygen bleach 3 in 1 Royal Powder . It also contains citric acid and percarbonates, which disinfect the machine.
  3. Do not strain and in our age of high technology to wash by hand. Smart washing machine itself will tell you in which mode to wash clothes for crumbs: 95 degrees + double rinsing. If you are afraid that the thing will sit down or lose its appearance, wash it in a delicate mode.
  4. New things can be ripped by  Royal Powder Baby gel , it does not contain aggressive ingredients, synthetic flavors and preservatives that cause skin irritation. It is effective even at low temperatures with delicate washing, rinses well and does not leave a smell on children's things. Also gel for washing it is possible to wash an envelope, overalls and woolen things.
  5. To wash cotton things, take powder Royal Powder Baby . It has a lower content of surfactant, so that the powder particles are completely rinsed out and not in contact with the delicate skin of the baby. This powder contains a safe oxygen bleach (percarbonate), which will not only decompose the spots, but also destroy dangerous microorganisms. The things he has washed are practically odorless. 
    Powderless powder Royal Powder Baby concentrated, so very economical. So, a package of 0.5 kg is enough for 15 washes of not so polluted linen. And if you buy 3 kg, then several months you can not worry, than to wash children's things.
  6. If you really want to wash your hands, take a baby glycerin soap . It does not contain optical brighteners, doubtful preservatives and synthetic perfumes, it has a very weak natural odor. And does not overdry the skin of the hands.
  7. Do not dry children's clothes on an open balcony, if dust flies from the street. You can put the dryer in the room.
  8. Stroke things from two sides, this will make them more pleasant to the touch and additionally disinfect them. Enjoy this process, because then there will be no ironing. Lay them on the shelves to easily find what you need

Everything, now it remains only to wait for the crumb and wrap it up with your love!

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