As for adults and children, household chemicals work mainly in two ways: through the skin and through the respiratory system. Only for babies, due to their physiological characteristics, this is more critical. 
Perhaps the greatest chance of encountering a child's body with aggressive substances appears when the crumb is put on clothes with un-rinsed residue of detergents. So let's discuss the requirements for the means for washing children's things to make a safe choice.

Ideally, a child's laundry detergent should:

  • it is good to cope with characteristic childish pollution,
  • completely rinse out,
  • do not leave a tangible smell on the laundered things,
  • to disinfect things.

If you implement the last two requirements is not difficult, then to achieve a balance between the first two points, you need the skill of technologists. After all, so that the powder is well rinsed, the content of surfactants should be reduced. But then consumers may have complaints about the quality of washing.

Therefore wise mothers do not confuse, that children's powders wash off a little bit worse. After all, the health of a child is more important than a perfectly clean dress.


In a good baby powder there will be several SAWs of different nature. This is important because they complement each other at low concentrations and in the presence of nonionic surfactants anionic is better washed out. By the way, soap is also an anionic surfactant.

In addition to the reduced content of surfactants make sure that the powder, which will erase the things your baby does not contain phosphates (they pollute the environment in which the child will have to live), zeolites (they greatly raise dust and do not dissolve in water, they accumulate in the reservoirs) and optical brighteners ( an extra probability of allergy in the presence of it in the amount of more than 1%).

Fortunately, technologies do not stand still, and modern powders with biosystems can wash anything at even low temperatures. This is achieved by introducing into the formulation of enzymes and oxygen bleach, which at the same time disinfects children's things.

By such criteria the powder Royal Powder Baby is developed. It combines the efficiency of washing and the safety of the composition, which is proved by the ecological certificate "Living Planet". In this case, as a fragrance in powder, hypoallergenic perfume compositions are used, which refreshes washed goods, but does not remain on the fabric.

Powders of TM Royal Powder have one more plus - they are concentrated, and on average 60 ml of powder, or 3 measuring spoons, are needed for washing. For your convenience, the company "De La Marc" produces children's laundry detergent in three packages: 0.5 kg, 1 kg and 3 kg, so you can choose the right packaging depending on the amount of washing.


If you want to decisively get rid of complex spots, then use a stain remover based on oxygen bleach. It is safe, because it breaks down into soda and peroxide. And it is suitable even for colored things, unlike chlorine. The effective agent 3 in 1 from "De La Mark" contains percarbonate (oxygen bleach) and citric acid. Such a composition copes with colored spots of a different nature, while there are no aggressive components in it.

If you often just have to refresh not very contaminated children's things, choose a gel for washing "Royal Powder Baby". It will allow you to erase on short programs, which will save electricity. The active substances in it are already dissolved and easily rinsed. For this reason, knitted things, overalls and jackets are best washed with gel, and not with powder.


  1. There are several more secrets of washing children's things that help to achieve a great result: 
    Do not store soiled items for a long time, wash immediately so that contamination is not absorbed and we managed to do with sparing means.
  2. For very young children, do a double rinse to prevent the main cause of irritation - poorly rinsed powder on the surface of the tissue.
  3. If possible, iron children's things: this further disinfects them and helps make them softer and more pleasant without an air conditioner.

Well, when the child begins to get dirty in an adult way, boldly go to the universal powder TM Royal Powder, it rinses well and is suitable for washing things, even small allergies.

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