This question is asked by many, and recently it has become especially relevant. 
In fact, we use much more water than we really need. Those saving methods, which we will tell you, will not lead to the fact that you will not have enough water to wash. You just start to spend exactly the necessary amount of water - no frills.

Methods of saving water can be divided into two categories:

  • general methods;
  • point methods.

And we will start with the general.


  1. Do not forget to close the water when washing your hands or brushing your teeth, taking a shower or washing dishes. 
    This is probably the simplest and best known, but rarely used, method. But all that is required of us is to close the tap at those times when there is no need for a stream of water. For example, when taking a shower, close the tap when soaping. In fact at this moment of direct need in a stream of water at you is not present, and it simply pours out in the water drain. 
    If you systematically forget to close water at such times - install the sensor mixers. They automatically shut off the flow of water. Yes, they are not cheap, but the effect obtained from their use will pay off not once.
  2. Secondary raw materials. 
    Water, which we wash my fruit for example, is perfect for watering flowers.
  3. Inspection and repair work. 
    Here, too, everything is extremely easy and clear. Be sure to check your water supply system for water leakage: whether the tanks are leaking, or whether the mixer is being dripped. This will help not only to save water, but also money that because of the broken plumbing you can spend on repairing the neighbors' apartment, which you can flood with broken plumbing. 


  1. Aerator. 
    This is one of the most effective and affordable means to save water, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Using this miracle means you can save up to 6 liters of water per minute. That is, instead of the usual 15 liters, we will spend only 9, without losing the quality of washing. The whole secret is that the aerator provides air circulation through the water. That's why it allows you to create an effective water jet, while reducing its costs and improving the quality.
  2. Double drain system. 
    Modern toilet bowls are equipped with a double drain system: 3 and 6 liters or 2 and 4. Why? To save water. Such a system allows you to use not all of the water in the tank immediately, but divide it into two uses. 
    If there is no such system in your toilet bowl, create it yourself. With a standard sink, you will consume 6 liters of water. You can easily reduce this amount by simply placing a 2 liter plastic water bottle in the tanks.


In Europe, water saving looks more like greed, but still has the right to life. In many houses in Europe, taking a shower, people only turn on water when they need to get wet, and then to wash the gel off the body. The English sometimes do not even wash the gel, but simply wipe it off the body! 
Many collect water after taking a shower to use it to wash the floors. The dishes are washed only with cold water, so they buy only those products that dissolve well in cold water, or which do not require washing. The bathroom is only used in houses with a large income.

So, as you can see, you can save in different ways. Well, the choice of methods is yours! 
If you have your own methods of saving water - share them in the comments!

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