Which associations do you have when you hear about the manufacturer of household chemicals? If it is not chimneys with the caustic smoke, then it would be at least a worker in protective clothes that looks like space suit for landing onto Mars. But is it possible that manufacture of chemical products not produce harmful emissions? Or more: practically without waste?

For a couple of decades, in truth, concept “green chemistry”  - domain of a science dedicated to a development of products in such way to exclude or to reduce using harmful for human and environment and avoiding formation of a toxic waste, picks up a stream. Became more and more enterprises in all over the world, which uses principles of “green chemistry” in their activities. Including Ukraine.

For example, we - De La Mark Company uses principles of this “new mind” from the very beginning:

  • we are creating chemical products which decays in the nature;
  • in products excluded side effects: we abandoned components that potentially contains traces of toxic emissions;
  • for obtaining our means not needed elevated temperature and pressure;
  • we use minimum amount of excipients and solvents and often they not needed at all cause our universal solvent is water;
  • our products are concentrated so we have maximum output of a products without ballast;
  • De La Mark means has a low toxicity, etc.

Such approach allowed our Company to become first Ukrainian manufacturer of a household chemistry who has successfully gained certification to ISO 14024 and received an ecological certificate “Living Planet” for the entire range of product line. We don’t test our products on animals.

Another of the principles of "green chemistry" is the prevention of waste. It seems unlikely to create waste-free production of household chemicals. But considering that we are a company that cares what we do with the environment, we have decided to move towards this goal.

Concept Zero Waste vs. DeLaMark

Inasmuch as  De La Mark is not only a business for make money, but also a social responsibility, we weren’t able to remain indifferent to the popular now Zero Waste concept in one's strive to in an effort to meet high international environmental standards. It touched our hearts, captured us and became the goal of the company, which perfectly fits into the philosophy of "green chemistry". What is expected from its supporters?

On the way to eliminating unprocessed garbage in their lives, zerowasters has to adhere to three basic principles:

  • Reduce consumption.
  • Give the second life to things.
  • Rework

So, not to think how to recycle waste, you can simply avoid them. Therefore, eco-activists carefully planning their purchases, refuse superfluous packaging and disposable things, and use multiple alternatives: eco-bags, their own mugs for take-away coffe, etc. Before getting rid of unnecessary things, zerowasters are trying to give them a second life. And only when it is impossible, they give it for recycling and even are ready to pay money for this.

These people meets the definition of "perfect consumer", the image of which is presented in the theoretical part of "green chemistry": he uses the minimum quantity of goods and understands need for environmental protection. By the way, most of our buyers meet these criteria. Maybe you're one of them?

But we are well understood that industrial production is unlikely became an absolute zerowasters. Even Bea Johnson, guru of this movement, produces a jar of garbage for a year. However, we can achieve more realistic goal - substantially reduce resources consumption and creation of waste. Therefore, we decided that the 2019 year for the company De La Mark will be held under the slogan "zDoLayMo (Overcome) waste!"

Let's overcome the waste and become even more "green"!

We had already made first steps in 2017, when program "Turn empty packaging" for Kiev citizens was launched. Plastic packaging from our means is transferred to the converter and gets a second life. Last year, this program was expanded to whole Ukraine, and now all our customers can send used containers from De La Mark liquid means by UkrPoshta.

During 2019, we are planning:

  • To abandon plastic club cards and make them virtual (soon, just wait a little!)
  • Use multiple durable corrugated boxes that can be returned to the courier instead of paper packages, in which we delivered your orders (they also have a large ecological footprint, although they are biodegradable).
  • Start of sorting waste in office and at plant
  • Reduce consumption of consumables and resources
  • Provide the opportunity to buy our products without packaging, in their own packaging

We also understand that recycling of plastic waste is an extreme measure that also needs resources, and products from recycled plastic once will become a waste also, so we are looking for the ability to replace plastic packaging by biodegradable cardboard.

If you feel that we are on your way to Zero Waste goal, join us! In this way you can contribute environmental protection and use safe means with a low ecological footprint.

Also we will be grateful for your ideas and tips to overcome the waste together.

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