Active foam for shoes care Zanovo, 150 ml
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Rated 5.00/10 based on 2 customer reviews Active foam for shoes care Zanovo, 150 ml Active foam for shoes care Zanovo, 150 ml

Active foam for shoes care Zanovo, 150 ml

New eco-design from De La Mark intended for deep cleaning and recovering appearance of shoes from all material types.Copes well with stubborn dirt and stains outside and inside of shoes. Has a safe composition and delicate aroma, forms a soft foam. Prepares shoes for next application of protective agents or color restore. Forms a soft foam which easily distributes over the surface and completely removes with a dry sponge. Has a safe composition and delicate aroma. Delicate with skin of the hands. Handy dispenser allows to control flow of a active foam. Suitable for professional cleaning.

Volume: 150 ml
150 грн.

Active foam for shoe care Zanovo™ is an innovative eco mean which dissolves ground-in dirt and returns good appearance of shoes including sport shoes. Due to neutral PH it’s suitable for shoes made of leather, suede, nubuck, eco-leather, leather substitutes, synthetic materials, natural textiles. Does not require large amount of water for flushing, which reduces drying time of shoes and avoids its deformation.


Active foam for shoe care Zanovo™:

  • Thanks to a washing composition of several “green” SAS, it effectively removes grease and other contaminants from the inside and outside of the shoe, as well as cleans the side surfaces of soles
  • It has a safe composition which ecological benefits confirmed by international certificate ISO 14024
  • Prepares shoes for the further application of protective cream or water repellent
  • Extends the life of the shoe, helps to avoid its deformation from frequent washing or laundry
  • Helps to brush up shoes at the season end before packing for storage
  • Convenient to use, a sufficient amount of foam for one treatment is formed by lightly pressing on dispenser
  • It is economical, one bottle is enough for deep cleaning of 20 pairs of shoes
  • Has a bottle that allows you to control the quantity of a meam
  • Delicate for hands
  • Has a soft gentle aroma that freshens clean shoes.
  • Suitable for cleaning and other fancy goods: gloves, bags, wallets, etc.

Effectiveness of Active foam for shoe care Zanovo™ is tested and proven by the Clean Clan Professional Cleaning Service.

Active foam for shoe care Zanovo™ is suitable for deep cleaning heavy soiled shoes of all types textile and any materials. To prevent losing color of vividly colored textile or suede shoe test stability of a dye inside of footwear.

Liquid eco-mean Zanovo turns into a dense stable foam using a batcher. Pressing on a batcher allows you to get the right amount of a foam as needed to clean one shoe, which helps you spent the mean economically. Use a suitable brush to distribute the foam and cleaning, and a rag to remove it.

Firstly wipe a shoes with a dry brush to remove dust. Then wet brush with water, lightly shake bottle with a product and squeeze foam onto a brush. Spread the foam in a circular motion, firstly on the internal surface of a shoe, then on the outside. The most contaminated areas brush off thoroughly. Dry your shoes with a dry cloth to remove any foam druff. If necessary, repeat the cleaning in the most soiled areas. Leave to dry before applying a protective cream.

Keep Active foam for shoe care Zanovo™ out of the reach of children and away from food. Avoid contact with the mouth and eyes. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water. If swallowed seek medical advice immediately and show a product label.

All raw materials for the production of Active foam for shoe care Zanovo™ are strictly verificated. All components in its composition are optimally selected for deep cleaning of heavily soiled shoes in a safely for humans and nature manner:

Component Purpose Content, %
Demineralized water Specially purified water as a universal solvent less than 80
Alpha olefin sulfonates Powerful biodegradable anionic SAS of plant origin to remove grease contaminations and stains Less or evenly 5
Ethoxylated fatty alcohols Nonionic SAS of plant origin to remove grease contaminations and stains Less or evenly 5
Alkylpolyglucosides Nonionic SAS of plant origin to remove grease contaminations and stains Less or evenly 5
Soap Anionic SAS based on plant components to remove fatty contaminations and stains Less or evenly 5
Sequestrant Organic combination that takes up metal ions in pollution or in hard water and prevents the formation of insoluble blast less than 5
Glycerine Plasticizer, moisturizer. Regulates foam resistance, softens leather shoes less than 5
Polycarboxylate Anti-resorbents - prevent re-settling of dirt on the surface less than 1
Citric acid Sequestrant. Removes stains, decomposes salt haze on a surface less than 1
Compound perfume Safe freshness of washed shoes Less than 0,15
Preservative Antimicrobial component for preserving funds over the Best before date Less than 0,10
Optical bleach Shining clean of textile shoes Less than 0,01

Important! The active foam for shoe care does not include: compounds of chlorine, phosphorus, non-biodegradable SAS, petrochemical products, silicones, micro- and liquid plastics, dyes, caustic perfumes.

Пена понравилась, замшевые сапоги как новые после использования!
Замовляла піну для чищення зимового взуття (замша, нубук) від виступу солі, результат перевершив всі очікування! Супер! Рекомендую!
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