DeLaMark Toilet paper
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DeLaMark Toilet paper

White double-layer toilet paper from recycled materials from the company "De La Mark" is a new solution for those who care about the health of their family and the environment. When it is manufactured, primary cellulose, chlorine compounds, titanium oxide, plastic packaging are not used. The paper is very soft and soft to the touch, and also does not have a fragrance.
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White and delicate toilet paper DeLaMark from recyclables is not inferior in quality to the bleached paper from primary cellulose, therefore it is suitable for the most demanding people. At the same time the paper products of the company "De La Mark" do not harm the nature during production and completely decomposes after use.

Two-ply perforated paper on a cardboard bushing is made from recycled materials, so valuable wood is not wasted. Whiteness is achieved due to the action of active oxygen and technological processes, and chlorine and other harmful substances are not used. The production of the product did not use dyes and flavors, and therefore its use does not cause allergies and irritation.

Carton packaging is also made of recyclable materials and completely recycled. It can be handed over to recycled paper, and a cardboard bushing is added to the compost or used to make a variety of beautiful and useful hand-made articles.

To reduce the transport trace, one package contains 6 rolls of toilet paper.


  • Two-layer;
  • Whiteness is achieved through active oxygen and technological processes;
  • The production did not use chlorine and titanium oxide;
  • Has perforation for easy detachment;
  • Does not cause irritation;
  • Without dyes and flavors;
  • Beautiful appearance, suitable for home, office, restaurant, hotel;
  • It is produced only from recycled materials (waste paper);
  • Both the paper itself and the packaging are completely biodegradable;
  • Buying this product, you support the domestic manufacturer, reduce the transport footprint and improve the economy of the country.

Number per pack: 6 pcs.

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