DeLaMark Powder for dishwasher, 1 kg
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Rated 5.00/10 based on 4 customer reviews DeLaMark Powder for dishwasher, 1 kg DeLaMark Powder for dishwasher, 1 kg

DeLaMark Powder for dishwasher, 1 kg

The concentrated Dishwasher detergent was specifically formulated for safe use and economical dishwashing experience. It is free of phosphate, chloride, sodium lauryl sulfate, perfume, dyes or preservatives. Effective in removing food residues. Acts as disinfectant. Due to low foaming formula it easy rinses away with small amount of water. Applicable for washing baby dishes.

Available in: 1 kg
172 грн.

The concentrated Dishwasher detergent was designed by the world-class technologists to make the washed dishes absolutely clean without leaving any detergent and salt deposits residues.

Dishwasher detergent is very economical and as it has an easy-to-use packaging with a scoop.

The ingredients of Dishwasher detergent:

  •  Effective in removing of grease and dried food residues.
  •  Disinfect dishes and neutralize odors, thanks to containing active oxygen.
  •  Due to low foaming formula is easy to rinse away with small amount of water.
  •  Safe for washing baby dishes.
  •  Enable dishwashing under low temperatures, thereby saving energy.
  •  Reduce limescale building-up and corrosion of dishwasher elements.
  •  98% biodegradable that makes them eco-friendly. Their safety was confirmed by the “Living Planet” environmental certificate.

Use the measuring scoop and put the required amount of concentrated powder Dishwasher detergent into the appropriate dispenser of the dishwasher. The average consumption per wash cycle depends on dish soiling degree.

Use the following table to measure the right amount of Dishwasher detergent:

Dosage for one washing cycle

Soiling degree

Powder dosage
In scoops In grams
Slight 0,5 8,5
Normal 1 17
Heavy 1,5 25,5
Average dosage – 20 ml or 17g

To measure the right dosage use a scoop inside the box (1scoop = 20 ml=17g).

Important! To enable enzymes the powder contains to activate, wash in “Eco”, “Bio” modes or chose other programs for dishwashing at low temperatures.

To ensure better quality of dishwashing consider using Dishwasher salt together with and rinsing aid for dishwashers - Cleanser for kitchen.

All raw materials used for Dishwashing detergent production undergo rigorous quality control.

The components were optimally matched to achieve the best results for using dishwasher while being safe to humans and the environment:

Ingredient Content, %
Soda ash More than 30
Oxygen bleach  
Oxygen bleaching activator  
Nonionic surfactant vegetable  

Important! Dishwasher detergent does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), chloride, phosphate or other phosphorus compounds, dyes, perfume, preservatives.

Использую вместе с солью и ополаскивателем. Хорошо моет, не оставляет следов, а таблетки для посудомойки популярных фирм - оставляли. И приятно, что в нем мало химии.
Користуюся вже 2 роки, скрізь в супермаркетах вишукую саме цей засіб. Коли бачу на нього знижку, намагаюся купити з запасом. За що люблю саме цей порошок - відсутність запаху, безпечний склад і гарний результат миття.
Порошок очень понравился. Моет хорошо- отлично, и главное посуда без запаха, просто чистая и все. И это самое важное! Ополаскиватель юзаю тоже Де ла Марк. Перед этим пробовал много чего (не все конечно), все что продается у нас, и из-за бугра - все моет хорошо, но пить кофе с запахом моющего невозможно. Так что данный порошок очень рекомендую, спасибо отечественному производителю!
Лучшее средство для посудомоечной машины, которое пробовали! Посуда в итоге идеально чистая и без разводов. Расход экономичный.
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