Soap for intimate hygiene DeLaMark soothing, 400 ml
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Rated 5.00/10 based on 1 customer reviews Soap for intimate hygiene DeLaMark soothing, 400 ml Soap for intimate hygiene DeLaMark soothing, 400 ml

Soap for intimate hygiene DeLaMark soothing, 400 ml

This new product helps to remove irritation of sensitive skin. Has a calming and healing effect due to lactic acid and the regenerating components of allantoin. The composition includes extracts of a string, nettle, yarrow and grape seed oil. Does not contain antibacterial components.

Available in: 400 ml
120 грн.

This special means for intimate hygiene excellently cleans the delicate area thanks to the mild detergent composition of a surfactant of vegetable origin and additional components that help to remove irritation. Lactic acid creates a lower pH value, characteristic of the skin. Glycerin, herbal extracts of string, nettle, yarrow, grape seed oil and other components help restore the water-lipid balance of the mucosa. Essential oil of lemon gives freshness.

Does not contain triclosan, alkali, alcohol, SLS, SLES, ethanolamines, silicones, parabens, sources of formaldehyde, isothiazolinones, microplastic and dyes.

Does not contain products of animal origin and is not tested on animals.


  •  Has a mild detergent effect due to "green" surfactants on plant basis
  • Contains vegetable glycerin, lactic acid and allantoin 
  • Do not overdry the mucous membrane and maintain the natural acidic environment for the intimate area 
  • Provides regenerating and soothing effect due to herbal extracts of string, nettle, yarrow and other components
  • Good foaming 
  • Easy to wash off with a small amount of water
  • Economically consumed
  • Contains only mild cosmetic food preservative 
  • Without dyes and synthetic flavors
  • Suitable for use by vegansIt is safe for humans and nature, has an ecocertificate

A small amount of liquid soap for intimate hygiene is squeezed into the hand and applied to the corresponding area of ​​the body. Rinse with water, leaving no foam on the skin and mucous for a long time.

Avoid getting soap for intimate hygiene in the eyes. After contact with eyes, rinse with running water and consult a doctor.

Do not swallow!

All raw materials for the production of soap for intimate hygiene De La Mark has a European quality and goes through strict control. The components in its composition are optimally selected by experienced technologists for safe care of themselves without harm to nature:

Ingredient Function Content, %
Purified water Deionized water - specially purified to improve foaming less than 70
Sodium methyl stеaroyl taurate A soft anionic surfactant obtained from plant material. Provides foaming and gentle cleansing. Thickening detergent less than 5
Sodium cocoyl taurate A soft anionic surfactant derived from plant material. Provides foaming and gentle cleansing less than 5
Sodium cocoyl isethionate Soft anionic surfactant, obtained from plant material. Provides foaming and gentle cleansing. less than 5
Cocoamphodiacetate sodium An ampholytic surfactant derived from coconut oil. Reduces the irritating effect of anionic surfactants. A good foaming agent that retains the washing and foaming ability even in hard water. less than 5
The surfactant is based on the proteins of oats or wheat Soft surfactant and foaming agent, thickens the detergent, delicately cleanses the skin less than 5
Glycerin Effectively moisturizes the skin. It is part of the natural moisturizing factor present on the skin surface less than 1
Lactic acid Regulates pH, moisturizes the skin, protects the oxidation agent from less than 1
Sodium Benzoate Food preservative less than 1
Solution of citric silver (silver citrate) Antibacterial and preservative effect less than 1
Plant extracts of the string, nettle, yarrow Natural herbal extracts that provide nourishment of the skin, a light bactericidal effect and help to combat harmful environmental factors less than 1
Allantoin A component of vegetable origin for skin care, heals the skin. Acts as an conditioner for the skin, softens it from 0,1 to 1
Grape seed oil Enriches the skin with nutrients, helps restore hydrolipid balance 0.1
Essential oil of sweet lemon Natural aroma, light anti-inflammatory effect less than 0,1

Important! The composition of antibacterial soap for intimate hygiene DeLaMark does not include: sodium lauryl- and laureth sulfate, PEG, alcohol, alkalis, table salt, parabens, isothiazolinones, sources of formaldehyde, ethanolamines, dyes, synthetic flavors, microplastics.

All components of soap for intimate hygiene received a positive conformity assessment for bio- and ecocosmetics.

К выбору такого средства, как мыло для интимной гигиены, подхожу серьезно. Для меня важную роль играет состав данных средств. В данном случае компоненты в составе мыла мягкие и абсолютно безопасные для использования в нежной и деликатной зоне.
Мыло гелевое,прозрачное, не сильно пениться, легко и быстро смывается и не оставляет после себя неприятной пленки. Достаточно небольшого количества для качественного и нежного очищения.
Мыло не сушит слизистую, нет ощущения стянутости, не возникает раздражения. Мыло обладает способностью успокаивать и снимает незначительные раздражения. Мягко очищает и продлевает ощущение чистоты и комфорта.Также помогает восстановить водно-липидный баланс нежной зоны.
Имеет легкий и нежный запах, который практически не ощутим, что является для меня плюсом.
Расход экономный, хватит 400 мл надолго.Хочу отметить удобство использования такой квадратной вытянутой бутылочке и также хорошо работающий и не менее удобный дозатор.
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