Toilet Bowl Cleaner with floral aroma, 1l
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Rated 5.00/10 based on 1 customer reviews Toilet Bowl Cleaner with floral aroma, 1l Toilet Bowl Cleaner with floral aroma, 1l

Toilet Bowl Cleaner with floral aroma, 1l

New mean for washing and cleaning the toilet De La Mark with floral aroma complements the line for cleaning the house. Thick mean for washing and cleaning the toilet with floral aroma was specifically designed to maintain hygienic cleanliness in the toilet easily and safety. Deletes lime scale, rust, kidney stone and other kinds of pollutions from a toilet bowl surface. Disinfects and eliminates odors and disinfects. Has a convenient packaging with a dispenser.

Available in: 1l
131 грн.

Concentrated mean for cleaning and washing the toilet DeLaMark with floral aroma is very economical and has a convenient packaging with a dispenser.

Components in composition of the mean for washing and cleaning the toilet DeLaMark with a floral aroma:

  • Effectively cleans ceramics and plastics surfaces
  • Safely for human and water supply systems
  • Disinfects toilet bowl surface
  • Gives a gentle, unobtrusive floral aroma
  • Has biodegradability up to 98%, therefore they doesn’t harm nature
  • Safety of a mean for cleaning the toilet proven with the Living Planet eco certificate.

Using a dispenser, apply some mean for washing and cleaning the toilet DeLaMark with flower aroma on toilet bowl surface and under the toilet rim. After 1 minute, rinse with plenty of water. If polluted heavily, leave product on the surface for 5 minutes to act, and then rinse it off with water. You can leave for the night.

For extra hand protection wear rubber gloves.

Important! Do not use mean for washing and cleaning toilet bowl DeLaMark with a floral aroma for cleaning aluminum surfaces!

All the raw materials for the production of toilet bowl cleaner with floral aroma De La Mark are strictly controlled. Components in its composition are optimally selected for safe for people and nature bathroom cleaning:

Ingredient Function Content, %
Purified water Universal solvent More than 60
Lactic acid Removing of salt deposits and rust 25 to 30
Non-ionic surfactants - alkyl polyglucoside Improve the wettability, effect oil stains removal 5 to 10
Guar gum Organic thickening agent 0.1 to 1
Perfume Safe aroma 0.1 to 1
Preserving agent Protects the cleaner from bacteria less than 0.1

Important! Composition of toilet bowl cleaner DeLaMark with floral aroma does not include: sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), phosphates and other phosphorus compounds, chlorine, chloride acid or other aggressive acids, caustic perfumes.

Замечательное средство для очищения и дезинфекции унитаза. Заказываю уже не в первый раз, приятно удивила новинка, мне очень понравилось средство с новым цветочным ароматом. Использую с удовольствием. Имеет не едкий запах и безопасный состав. Придает свежесть и блеск керамической поверхности. После уборки в туалете остается приятный цветочный аромат, держится продолжительное время.
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