Conditioner DeLaMark for damaged hair, 400 ml
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Conditioner DeLaMark for damaged hair, 400 ml

Conditioner for damaged hair from DeLaMark with wheat germ oil completes the procedure of washing hair and promotes:

● restores the damaged structure of hair, closing scales and gluing the tips, so it’s easy to brush and hair doesn’t split
● nutrition and strengthening of hair, which accelerates their regeneration along the entire length,
● Moisturizing and softening of hair, which facilitates styling
● covering each hair by thinnest shell of a natural wax-like substance to protect it from aggressive environment and styling products,
● skin care

Makes damaged hair beautiful and docile, protects them from the harmful impact of the environment, nourishes and restores skin, regulates sebum secretion effortlessly.

Wheat germ oil and biogenic stimulator – aloe extract - in composition are known for their curative effect on damaged hair: restore their structure and shine, eliminate brittleness, slows down loss, nourish hair and promote their growth. In addition, tickseed and chamomile extracts normalizes the secretion of sebum, strengthen hair follicles and prevents the appearance of dandruff.

Has a PH which close to the acidity of skin due to containing of citric acid. Allantoin in composition promotes the healing of micro damages on the skin.

Contains only food preservatives.
Does not contain silicones, cationic SAS and products of animal origin.

With regular application conditioner for damaged hair from DeLaMark of hair improves condition and appearance of your hair thanks to this natural composition.

Volume: 400 ml
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Conditioner for damaged hair from DeLaMark with wheat germ oil is developed to complete the procedure of washing hair.

  • Has a natural composition of herbal origin
  • Contains 98% of natural substances
  • Effectively cares for hair without taking a lot of time
  • Makes hair supple
  • Normalizes sebum secretion, nourishes and soothes the skin
  • Does not contain silicones, cationic SAS, micro-plastic and doubtful preservatives
  • Easy to wash off
  • Economy usage
  • Without colorants
  • Without acrid odor
  • Safety for the environment, has an eco-certificate "Live Planet"
  • You can return used bottles to manufacturer for recycling


Conditioner for damaged hair from DeLaMark is applied to washed wet hair, evenly spreading over the entire length and leave on hair to act for 1-2 minutes and thoroughly rinse with warm water.

In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.


All raw materials for production of conditioner for damaged hair from DeLaMark strictly controlled. All components in composition are optimally selected to complete the process of hair washing and care of all hair types.

Component Purpose
Deionized Water Purified and softened water
Cetearyl alcohol A complex of components with natural conditioning properties: facilitate combing of hair, remove static electricity
Cetearyl sulphate
Vegetable oil
Cococaprylate Emulsifier of vegetable origin provides  shine and elasticity to hair similar to silicones
Hydrolyzed cereal proteins Improve hair condition, penetrates inside every hair and strengthens it.
Glycerine Effectively moisturizes hair and skin. It is part of the natural moisturizing factor present s on the skin. Maintains the consistency of the product
Wheat germ oil

Revitalizes, moisturizes, restores and softens hair, nourishes hair follicles, regulates the sebaceous follicle

Herbal extracts of tickseed, calendula and aloe Provides nourishment for skin vitamins enrichment a light antibacterial effect.  Softs skin and hair, helps  to eliminate effects of environment influence.
Sodium benzoate Food preservative
Xanthan gum Natural coagulant and stabilizer agent
Citric acid Antioxidant, humectant, pH adjustment agent
Perfume composition A mixture of aromatic substances (essential oils, their components, etc.), gives the product a pleasant aroma.
Allantoin Component of herbal origin for skin care. Acts line skin conditioner. Promotes the healing of micro damages and skin inflammation

Important! In composition of conditioners DeLaMark not included cationic SAS, silicones, “liquid” and micro plastics, parabens, isothiazolinones, sources of formaldehyde, ethanolamine, synthetic colorants, acrid flavor.

All component  of conditioner received positive assessment of origin for bio- and ecological cosmetics.


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