Glycerin Laundry Soap DeLaMark Fresh, 110 g
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Rated 5.00/10 based on 5 customer reviews Glycerin Laundry Soap DeLaMark Fresh, 110 g Glycerin Laundry Soap DeLaMark Fresh, 110 g

Glycerin Laundry Soap DeLaMark Fresh, 110 g

DeLaMark’s Fresh Glycerin Laundry Soap was specifically designed for better washing and removing stains even in cold water. The soap is perfect for white and bright clothes, and is suitable for all types of fabric, including wool, silk, and delicate ones. With the presence of several types of surfactants, it effectively removes blood, sweat, grass, oil, ink, wine, juice, make-up stains, etc. It can also be used for removing stains from clothes, furniture and carpets. It is free of parabents, ethanolamines, BHT (butyl hydroxytoluene) and BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole). Does not dry your hands. This laundry soap holds its shape in water, does not crack and is very economical.

The effectiveness and safety of laundry detergents created by De La Mark and Royal Powder was confirmed by the "Living Planet" environmental certificate.

Available in: 110 g
57 грн.

DeLaMark’s Fresh Glycerin Laundry Soap was formulated by world-class technologists for washing clothes by hand and removing stains from white and light clothes while being safe to humans and the environment.

DeLaMark’s Fresh Glycerin Laundry Soap saves you money. The bar of soap weights only 110g that makes it very handy to use.

The ingredients in DeLaMark’s Fresh Glycerin Laundry Soap:

  • Are suitable for washing of things of all types of fabric.
  • Tough on any stains.
  • Easy to rinse.
  • Moisturize hands during washing.
  • 98% biodegradable which makes them eco-friendly.
  • Their safety was confirmed by the “Living Planet” environmental certificate.

For laundry: soak your clothes and rub the stains with soap. Rinse with water.

For stain removal: moisten the soap and rub the stains while the clothes are still dry. Leave it for 15 minutes and then properly rinse with water.

All raw materials used in DeLaMark’s Fresh Glycerin Laundry Soap production undergo rigorous quality control. Its components were optimally matched to achieve the best results when washing clothes by hand and removing stains while being safe to humans and the environment:

Ingredient Content, %
Glycerol 25-50
Demineralized water 10-25
Anionic surfactants vegetable  
Nonionic surfactant vegetable  
Soap from vegetable oil  
Coconut and palm oil  
Оptical brightener 0,1-0,5
Natural flavor 0,1-0,5
White salt  

Important! DeLaMark’s Fresh Glycerin Laundry Soap does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), chloride, phosphate, dyes or preservatives.

Когда я открыла упаковку с этим мылом, то очень удивилась. Я не могла понять мыло предназначено для мытья рук и тела или для стирки одежды? )) Оно так замечательно выглядело, а свежий цитрусовый аромат вообще кружил голову! Еще раз перечитав аннотацию, я убедилась, что таки мыло для стирки.
Мыло великолепно отстирывает вещи и отлично справляется с различными пятнами на одежде. Даже пятна от ягод и фруктов (даже от шелковицы) легко отстирались одним только мылом и на детских футболках не осталось и следа.
Мыло понравилось. Брали в поездку, стирали купальники и шорты, пляжные подстилки и полотенца. Хорошо отстирывает и запаха не оставляет.
Прикольне мило для прання. Заказав в Інтернет - магазині. Привезли швидко. Має приємний аромат зеленого яблука.
Для виробництва не використовують жирову основу, як в господарському милі. Менеджер сказав що основа гліцерин. Це важливо так як потрібно берегти тварин.
Мило прекрасне, як на зовнішній вигляд так і на аромат , і, звичайно, якість!!! Я просто попробувала відіпрати застарілі плями від поту. ВІДІПРАЛОСЯ ПОВНІСТЮ. Дякую за швидку доставку.
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