Lamellar Hand Cream by DeLaMark
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Lamellar Hand Cream by DeLaMark

DeLaMark Lamellar Cream for dry and damaged hand skin with organic plant components actively moisturizes, softens, increases skin elasticity, gives velvety, protects against cold and household chemicals, including detergents and antiseptics, heals damage and inflammation, nourishes the skin with nutritional substances and strengthens nails, giving them strength and shine.

Due to its “layered” structure, the lamellar cream is especially soft and has a prolonged effect.
Highly valuable components of DeLaMark hand cream have an SOS-effect for dry, damaged skin, instantly begin to restore the protective hydrolipidic mantle of problem areas of the skin, and are also suitable for systematic use, including in winter:

● jojoba and shea oils soften the skin and protect it from wind and cold;
● olive squalane provides active skin regeneration, takes care of nails and cuticles;
● CO2-extract of rose hips nourishes with vitamins and omega-3/6/9-acids;
● D-panthenol soothes and heals;
● punic acid with pomegranate CO2 extract has anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects;
● glycerin prevents skin cells from losing moisture.

Does not contain mineral oils, vaseline, lanolin, silicones, alcohol, flavorings, artificial colors and questionable preservatives. Packaged in glass containers, which are easy to give a second life.

No animal products. Not tested on animals.

Certified according to the international standard ISO 14024.

50 ml
200 грн.
170 грн.
  • Lamellar (or multilayer) emulsions are used to create professional and therapeutic cosmetics. Since the structure of such creams resembles the structure of the lipid coating of the skin, the products based on this ideally correspond to its needs, quickly restore the protective barrier of the skin and are able to deliver active ingredients to its deep layers:
  • a complex of jojoba and shea oils supports the regeneration of roughened skin areas and provides long-term protection against wind and cold;
  • olive squalane, which in its structure resembles human skin lipids, fills lipids "washed" with antiseptics and soap, which ensures active skin regeneration;
  • CO2-extract of rose hips compensates for the lack of nutrients, including vitamin C and omega-3/6/9-acids;
  • D-panthenol soothes, heals, removes a feeling of tightness and irritation and gives a feeling of comfort;
  • olive squalane, vitamins C and E gently care for the nail plate and cuticles, prevent the formation of burrs;
  • a unique component from pomegranate CO2 extract - punic acid - activates the skin's natural defense mechanisms, prevents the appearance of irritation and dryness, and has an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect;
  • glycerin, which is part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor, forms a protective barrier and prevents skin cells from losing moisture.

As a result, the delicate DeLaMark lamellar hand cream is suitable for all skin types and has a prolonged moisturizing and nourishing effect, which protects the skin from daily stress factors.

The content of organic ingredients is 98%.

Thus, DeLaMark lamellar hand cream with organic plant components:

  • perfectly matches the skin structure and its needs
  • instantly nourishes, deeply moisturizes and actively regenerates damaged skin
  • is well absorbed, does not leave a film and sensation of stickiness
  • contains 28.70% organic components
  • is suitable for all skin types
  • is suitable for all seasons
  • works both as an SOS agent and as a cream with prolonged action
  • not tested on animals, suitable for vegans
  • safe for humans and the environment
used containers can be given a second life

Apply the required amount of cream with massage movements on clean skin of the hands. Pay close attention to dry and roughened areas. If necessary, reuse the cream throughout the day.

Suitable for daily use. Can be used to massage hands after manicure.

Store at temperatures between +5 and +25 degrees C. Must be used within 3 months after opening the jar!

All raw materials for the production of DeLaMark Lamellar Hand Cream undergo strict control.

28, 70% of the components in its composition are organic ingredients.

Ingredients (INCI): purified water, caprylic / caplic triglycerides, shea oil, jojoba oil, squalane (olive) *, glycerin, cetearyl olivate *, sorbitan olivate *, cetyl stearyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, panthenol, hydrogenated ethylated hexyl olivate, hydrogenated unsaponifiable olive oil, lecithin, sunflower oil, ascorbyl palmitate, tocopherol, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, dehydroacetic acid, perfume, pomegranate extract (CO2), rosehip extract (CO2) *, xanthan gum, vanilla extract, limonene, coumarin, eugenol, hexyl, cinnam, linalool.

(*) organic ingredients

Important! DeLaMark Lamellar Hand Cream does not include: mineral oils, vaseline, lanolin, silicones, alcohol, flavors, artificial colors, liquid and microplastics, parabens, isothiazolinones, phenoxyethanol, sources of formaldehyde and other questionable preservatives.

All components of lamellar hand cream received a positive assessment of the conformity of bio and eco cosmetics.
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