Hygienic toothpaste with mint aroma, 80 ml
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Rated 5.00/10 based on 5 customer reviews Hygienic toothpaste with mint aroma, 80 ml Hygienic toothpaste with mint aroma, 80 ml

Hygienic toothpaste with mint aroma, 80 ml

Refreshing novelty in eco-packaging - De La Mark hygienic toothpaste with mint aroma. Designed for daily use. Perfectly cleanses the surface of teeth and refreshes buccal cavity. It does not contain fluorine and other aggressive components. Natural plant extracts in composition helps to prevent caries and gum diseases. Safe for children from 2 years. Packaged in recyclable packaging.

Available in: 80 ml
130 грн.

DeLaMark toothpaste with mint aroma gently cleanses the surfaces of the teeth without enamel damaging, and also takes care of gums condition and freshens buccal cavity. Contains extracts of aloe leaves, calendula and yarrow, which approves oneself as a means to care of buccal cavity, strengthen gums and reduce bleeding.

Does not contain fluorine, triclosan, parabens, microplastics, aggressive preservatives, caustic fragrances and synthetic dyes.

Does not tested on animals.

DeLaMark toothpaste is packaged in an aluminum tube placed in a cardboard box made from recycled materials, which, unlike traditional non-recyclable plastic packaging, is easy to give a second life, and this is an important principle of waste reducing.


  • Contains only mild abrasives (silica dioxide, precipitated chalk) that does not damage enamel
  • Without fluorine, chlorine and aluminum compounds
  • Contains plant extracts as well as vitamins A, E and C
  • Has a pleasant neutral taste and natural aroma
  • Not very foaming and easy to rinses off
  • Does not overdry buccal cavity
  • Suitable for the whole family, including children from 2 years old
  • Packaged in ecological packaging which environmentally friendly
  • Has an international eco-certificate according to ISO 14024

Squeeze a little toothpaste onto a wet toothbrush, brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse your mouth. Do not swallow! Use in morning and evening or after each meal.

Attention! Children under 6 years old should brush their teeth under adult supervision with the amount of paste in a pea-sized.

Keep toothpaste out of the reach of children. Use as directed. In case of contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with plenty ofwater.

All raw materials for the manufacture of De La Mark toothpaste with the aroma of sweet orange has an European quality and strictly controled. Components, as well as packaging, are carefully selected to brush your teeth safely for the health of the whole family and not to pollute the environment.

Ingredient Function Content, %
Purified water Universal solvent less than 70
Glycerin Plasticizer, moisturizer less than 10
Silica dioxide Soft abrasive of natural origin, removes plaque, prevents the growth of bacteria from 5 to 10
Sodium olivoil glutamate Emulsifier of plant origin less than 5
Xylitol Safe Sweetener less than 5
Xanthan gum Natural thickener less than 5
Food chalk, hydroxyethyl cellulose Soft abrasive of natural origin, removes plaque from 5 to 10
Sodium Cocosulfate Foaming Agent, Plant-based Surfactant, approved for use in organic cosmetics less than 1
Allantoin Heals mucosa injuries less than 1
Extracts of chamomile, aloe and nettle leaves Reduces gum bleeding, prevents bacteria growing, reduces inflammation less than 1
Sodium Benzoate Food Preservative less than 1
Retinol acetate, retinol palmitate, tocopherol acetate / palmitate, ascorbic acid Vitamins A, E, C less than 1
Mentyl Lactate Coolant, softener, moistener, emulsifier, stabilizer, relieves inflammation, tones, relieves irritation, masks odor less than 0,1
Peppermint essential oil Natural aroma, slight anti-inflammatory effect less than 0,1

Important! DeLaMark toothpaste does not include: fluorine, chlorine compounds, parabens, dyes, synthetic flavors, microplastics.

Дуже сподобалося, що паста не сушить після чищення і не змінює смак їжі! Упаковка - витвір мистецтва мінімалізму.
Натуральный состав пасты и наличие растительных экстрактов позволяет не только очищать зубную эмаль от налета, но и ухаживать за деснами: снимать воспаление и укреплять их.
Оформление зубной пасты - шедевр! Выглядит невероятно стильно, плюс ко всему упаковка подлежит повторной переработке и не загрязняет окружающую среду!
Отличная зубная паста. Впервые пользовалась натуральной и осталась очень довольна. Пенится умеренно, чистит на совесть, ощущение свежести надолго, без химических добавок.
Вікторія Дима
Чудова зубна паста на основі натуральних компонентів. По консистенції відрізняється від промислових, більш легка. Гарно очищає та захищає поверхню зубів від нальоту. Має приємний м'ятний присмак, освіжає дихання. Дуже сподобалась, рекомендую.
Ще одна чудова новинка від Де ла Марк. Паста дуже приємна: лагідно очищає і освіжає. Дизайн тюбика просто вражає)не такий як у всіх.
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