Ironing water DeLaMark, 1 l
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Ironing water DeLaMark, 1 l

Specially purified water from DeLaMark is used to fill the water reservoir in your iron. It makes ironing and steaming easier. Does not leave calcium residue stains on the fabric. It’s supposed to protect the iron from limescale build-up, thereby effectively extend the service life of your appliance.

Size: 1 l
58 грн.


Demineralized water – is deeply purified water, completely cleared of dissolved minerals by using an ion exchange filter. The advancements in technology for demineralisation ensure the end result is very high-quality water, that does not leave stains on fabric during evaporation and does not cause limescale build-up on the internal surfaces of the appliances with time. Ironing water from DeLaMark is also ideal for delicate fabrics, including silk. The components in the composition:

  • do not cause limescale build-up and calcium residue stains;
  • do not damage the surfaces of the appliances, do not cause corrosion;
  • non-toxic to humans;
  • unscented;
  • biodegradable and safe for environment;
  • help care for delicate fabrics and extend the service life of the appliances.

The product is packaged in recyclable bottles.

The product is not tested on animals and does not contain components of animal origin.


Pour necessary amount of ironing water from DeLaMark into the water reservoir of your appliance. Do not dilute with tap water!

Follow the user handbook rules that came with your appliance.

Warning! This is not a food product. Contains the preservative. Do not swallow! Keep out of reach of children!

Store at a temperature of -5°С to 30°С, away from the sunlight. Keep out of reach of children.


The water used for the production of ironing water from DeLaMark undergoes a special deep purification, and additional components – a strict control.



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Deionized water

Deeply purified water, that does not cause  limescale build-up  and does not leave calcium residue stains

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Food preservative

Safe preservative, that prevents the growth of microorganisms and prolongs water storage life


 Important! Ironing water from DeLaMark does not contain components to remove limescale that has formed earlier.


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