Bathroom Cleaner DeLaMark with cherry aroma, 1 l
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Rated 5.00/10 based on 1 customer reviews Bathroom Cleaner DeLaMark with cherry aroma, 1 l Bathroom Cleaner DeLaMark with cherry aroma, 1 l

Bathroom Cleaner DeLaMark with cherry aroma, 1 l

1 Reviews
A classic mean among home care products - DeLaMark bathroom cleanser with cherry aroma is now in a great economic package! The fluid is designed for effective and safe cleaning of the bathroom, shower, sink, jacuzzi. Easily removes dirt, stains, rust, soap and lime deposits from ceramic, glass, porcelain, plastic, including acrylic, and other non-metallic surfaces. Not suitable for aluminum. Does not give harmful fumes, easily washes off. Eliminates odors and disinfects.

Available in: 1 l
235 грн.


Concentrated universal bathroom cleaner DeLaMark with cherry aroma in a large, economical package is even more profitable.

Components in the bathroom DeLaMark with cherry aroma:

  • Facilitate the cleaning process in the bathroom, allowing you to use one universal mean for all types of surfaces
  • Effectively cleans plastic, acryl, ceramics, glass, metals (except aluminum)
  • Safe for human and water-supply systems
  • Doesn’t give harmful fumes and do not leave scratches on surfaces in the bathroom
  • Disinfects bathroom surfaces
  • Gives a delicious cherry aroma
  • Has a biodegradability up to 98%, so does not harm the nature

Safety of means for washing and cleansing bathroom DeLaMark with lemon aroma is proven by the Living Planet environmental certificate.



The tool is convenient to use if you pour it into a container with a pulvelizer from a similar tool from DeLaMark.

Using a spray bottle, apply a little quantity of a mean on a scraped-surface and wipe with a moist sponge. If heavily soiled, leave the product on the surface for 5 minutes to act, and then rinse it off with sufficient water. Do not leave the product for a long time on an acrylic surface.

It is also possible to apply the product with a sponge or cloth directly from the economy package.

For an extra hand protection use rubber gloves.

Important! Do not use bathroom cleaner with cherry aroma DeLaMark to clean aluminum surfaces!


All the raw materials for the production of bathroom cleaner with cherry aroma DeLaMark are strictly controlled. Components in its composition are optimally selected for safe for people and nature bathroom cleaning:

Ingredient Function Content, %
Purified water Universal solvent more than 60
Lactic acid Removes salt deposits, rust 25 to 30
Non-ionic surfactants Improves wettability, grease removall 5 to 10
Perfume Safe aroma 0.1 to 1
Preserving agent Protects cleaner from microorganisms less than 0,1

Important! Composition of bathroom cleaner DeLaMark with cherry aroma does not include: sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), phosphates and other phosphorus compounds, chlorine, aggressive acids, organic solvents, caustic perfumes.


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