Men rarely bother with what they wash, and often fail to notice significant difference between the new and the old mean. Priority of option shower gels, shampoos and even shaving foam, they easily pass on to his wife. It is not surprising, because in most cases, men's skin is less sensitive than women's, so the average man can use almost everything that other family members use.

On the one hand, it is good and profitable in the household, because the husband without any complaints can re-use the mean which did't like his wife or she tired from them. Do not throw it away? On the other hand, it is a pity for wife, because not every member of the stronger sex will notice that after the new DeLaMark shampoo, in which 98% of natural ingredients, her hair is especially beautifully shiny, and understands why should pay more.

But there are three application areas of shampoo, in which men will appreciate the result of the action of this product from "DeLaMark"

Beard care

If you wear a beard, do not rush to buy expensive shampoo to care for it. As usual, beard shampoo has a composition that is not too different from regular hair shampoo. Only the washing composition some softens and enriches with herbal extracts and oils so that it does not overdries skin and hair and make them supple. Similar properties has a mild sulfate-free shampoos from "DeLaMark", which has 98% of components of natural origin.

Try to care for facial hair with DeLaMark shampoo for dry hair. It has a mild washing composition without SLS and SLES (which are traditionally presented in men's cosmetics, even quite expensive), so it does not overdries skin of the face. Shampoo contains extracts of wild rose, sage, bídens tripartíta, chamomile and sea buckthorn oil. This ingredients tones the skin, nourish it and prevents desquamation. In the shampoo also included allantoin, which perfectly heals minor cuts.

At the same time, in DeLaMark's shampoos there are no aggressive preservatives, dyes, or synthetic aromas that could irritate skin.

Take a little shampoo, make lather in your palms, rub on a moist beard and wash off to have a clean, well-groomed beard with a faint natural aroma and healthy skin.

If the shaving product is over

It may happen that you did not notice that the can with shaving foam or shaving gel is empty. Use shampoo from DeLaMark line, which was chosen by your wife, as a shaving gel. It has everything that you need for a mild shaving and softening the skin. And if it will be shampoo for babies, then in addition you will also receive easy disinfection thanks to extracts of calendula, bídens tripartíta and chamomile.

You might like the delicate foam from this shampoo and soft skin so much that you will not want to go back to your shaving aid!

When you have number one haircut

If you regularly shave your head, then the DeLaMarkTM shampoo is also perfect as a shaving gel and at the same time as a mean for skin care. Make a foam with little shampoo before shaving.

For example, thanks to the mild washing composition of a shampoo for normal hair, which contains glycerin, allantoin, herbal extracts of green tea, aloe, yarrow, chamomile and grape seed oil, achieves a softening and caring effect. Regulates work of sebaceous follicles, skin does not dries up, skin is not irritated and looks healthy.

What else is important: shampoos of this Kiev manufacturer, like all products of the Company, have an international eco-certificate and are not tested on animals.

So, with DeLaMark shampoos you can take care of your beard and shave. And you can wash your hair by them))

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